Sarah Stacke is a photojournalist and archive investigator based in Brooklyn, New York. Through long-term projects created in dialogue with people and communities, she seeks to share stories, often untold, that bring a solutions-focused balance to the narratives of underrepresented people and places. She is particularly interested in relationships to the land and its boundaries. Sarah is co-founder of The 400 Years Project, a photography collective looking at the evolution of Native American identity, rights, and representation.

Sarah's personal and assignment work have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, NPR, The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, STAT, Washington Post, and Open Society Foundations, among others. From 2017-2019, she curated the Photo of the Day section for Photo District News.

Sarah received a master’s degree from Duke University tailored to analyze the history of photographic representations. She's a faculty member at the International Center of Photography (ICP), and the author of the award-winning book, Photos Day or Night: The Archive of Hugh Mangum (Red Hook Editions/Jet Age Books, 2018).

2020  #ICP Concerned: Global Images for Global Crisis, ICP Museum, NY
2020   Essential Images, Anderson Ranch Gallery, CO
2018   15 Stories of Hope, Change and Justice, Johns Hopkins University, DC Campus
2017   In Forced Geographies, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 
2017   Short Stories presented by The Docking Station at Unseen Amsterdam 
2016   Love From Manenberg, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
2015   Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows, Photoville
2013   Love From Manenberg, Daylight Project Space
2013   MOPLA Pin-UP Show, Robert Berman Gallery, Bergamot Station Arts Center
2010   Facsimile, Draewell Gallery, Christiansen Gallery, Mercer Gallery, Little Gallery
2009   We are the People in Your Neighborhood, Rice Street Library and public street display
2009   OverExposure 32 x 4, Minneapolis Central Library

Exhibition Curator
2015   Keep All You Wish: The Photographs of Hugh MangumAsheville Art Museum
2014   Hugh Mangum on Main Street, Museum of Durham History
2014   AfriPost: Epistolary Journeys of African Pictures, Duke University
2012   Keep All You Wish: The Photographs of Hugh MangumCenter for Documentary Studies
2008   Burt Glinn Fifty Year of Photographs, William Siegal Gallery (co-curator)

2021   Winner of the Howard Chapnick Grant
2021   National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Fund 
2020   Magnum Foundation Fund: US Dispatches
2020   Shortlisted for the Marilyn Stafford Fotoreportage Award
2019   Winner of the 2019 PDN Photo Annual, Photo Books Category
2019   New York Times Portfolio Review
2017   New York Times Portfolio Review
2017   Women Photograph Workshop
2016   Docking Station Residency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016   Advanced Study Program with Jim Estrin & Ed Kashi, Anderson Ranch
2015   Tactics of Collaboration Working Group, Magnum Foundation
2015   Responsible Data Workshop, Magnum Foundation
2014   Nominated for the Visionary Award by the Tim Heatherington Trust
2014   Lewis Hine Documentary Fellowship, Duke University
2014   Digital Communities Lab, Magnum Foundation
2014   Africa Initiative Grant, Duke University
2013   Critical Mass, Shortlisted, Photolucida
2013   Review Santa Fe Participant, CENTER
2011   The Kim Wilson Memorial Scholarship, Duke University
2009   Cultural Star Grant, City of Saint Paul, MN
2008   OverExposure Media Grant, Minneapolis, MN

Authored Publications 
2021   On One Native American Reservation, Vaccine Hesitancy Has Long Historical Roots, 
             The Nation 
2020   Tribal Territories Have the Right to Protect Their People Against the Pandemic, 
             The Nation 

2018   Remembering Burt Glinn, text for Burt Glinn, Contrasto Books
2018   Burt Glinn 1959, text for The Beat Scene: Photographs by Burt Glinn, Reel Art Press

2017   Documenting Blodgett HomesOxford American

2020   How Indigenous leaders are pushing to vaccinate their hard-hit communitiesNat Geo
2018   See the Amazing, Ethereal Creatures Living Under Arctic IceNational Geographic
2018   7 Regal Photos Show the Elegance of ChickensNational Geographic
2018   Do Turtle's Have Good Table Manners? A Photographer Finds Out, National Geographic
2018   In Nairobi's Largest Slum, These Young Ballerinas Dream BigNational Geographic
2018   East Africa's Queer Community Searches for a  Home of Its OwnNational Geographic
2018   Inside This Secretive Commune, Anarchy and Utopia CoexistNational Geographic
2018   Immigrants Find Homes in Colorful Floating VillagesNational Geographic
2017   Welcome to the Land of a Thousand Stray DogsNational Geographic
2017   This Eclectic Community Transformed a Desert into a Fantastical Forest, Nat Geo
2017   Life Inside Hong Kong's 'Coffin Cubicles'National Geographic
2017   What It's Like to Be a Young Ukrainian in a War ZoneNational Geographic
2017   On Burkini Island Muslims Girls Can Finally Learn to SwimNational Geographic
2017   In Inside Look at the Unique Lives of Circus PerformersNational Geographic
2017   An Uncertain Future on the Shores of Africa's Vanishing LakeNational Geographic
2017   Quiet Lives in Villages Overlooking the SeaNational Geographic
2017   Pictures Show the Strange Lives of Captive Polar BearsNational Geographic
2017   The Risky Lives of Women Sent Into Exile—For Menstruating, National Geographic
2017   See the Bizarre Places People Stash Old Lenin StatuesNational Geographic
2016   A Look Into the Fragile Lives of Mediterranean MigrantsNational Geographic
2016   Opposite Poles Show 'Mirror Images' of Climate Change on EarthNational Geographic
2016   Abandoned Nuclear Testing Sites Reveal the 'Palm Print of Man'National Geographic
2016   Through an Artist's Lens, Field Biology Takes the StageNational Geographic

2015   Report: On Hugh MangumAperture

2014   Seeing Beauty Where Others Do NotNew York Times
2014   A Look Back at Burt GlinnNew York Times
2013   A Penny Picture Photographer in the American South, New York Times

2015   Picturing Family in ManenbergReading the Pictures
2015   Proof of Existence in ManenbergReading the Pictures
2015   Making Strong BonesReading the Pictures 
2014   Mothers of ManenbergReading the Pictures 
2014   Love From ManenbergReading the Pictures 

2018   Outsiders Look at the U.S. Today, Photo District News 
2018   Susan Meiselas: On Motivation, Her Legacy and the Future of Photojournalism, PDN
2018   Photographing the High Stakes of Ireland's Abortion Referendum
Photo District News
2018   Once Upon a Time in the City of Mumbai, 
Photo District News
2018   Alice Proujansky: When a Midwife Gives Birth
Photo District News
2018   An Interracial African Family Album
Photo District News 
2018   For Jonathan Blaustein There's No Party at Party CityPhoto District News
2018   A Buried Colonial-Era African Choir, Revived in Images and SoundPhoto District News
2018   The Service and Sacrifice of WWII's Black SoldiersPhoto District News
2018   I Am InuitPhoto District News
2018   Meatyard Brings the Fantastical to the Everyday, Photo District News
2018   Amateur Boxing in South AfricaPhoto District News
2018   Visualizing a Matrilineal Village in IndiaPhoto District News
2018   Profile of Alina Fedorenko, PDN30
2017   Profiles of 
Tasneem AlsultanKatya Rezvaya, and Justin KanepsPDN 30
LOOK3: Chris Morris on Shooting War, Fashion and Politics, Photo District News
2016   Instagram Takeovers, and How They Work, Photo District News
Profiles of Emine Gozde SevimFabrice Monteiro, & Lorenzo Meloni, PDN 30
2016   ESPN's Tim Rasmussen on Story Pitches that Land AssignmentsPhoto District News
2016   The Funding and Distribution of T-RexPhoto District News
2015   The Do's and Don'ts of Collaborating with NGOsPhoto District News
Hairstyles, Power and Identity in West Africa, Photo District News
2015   Aida Muluneh Interprets Dante's Inferno, Photo District News
2015   Looking for Light in all the Right Places, Photo District News
2015   New Beginnings: 120 Cancer SurvivorsPhoto District News
I Live in a Mansion on the Other Side of the Moon, Photo District News
2015   For Tropical Girls Who Have Considered Ethnogenesis..., Photo District News
2015   Where Hunting Dogs RestPhoto District News
2015   Angelina d'Auguste Shows Distinct Beauty of Albinism, Photo District News
2015   The 
Imagination of José Picayo and YouPhoto District News
2015   Sounds from the Turkish Music ScenePhoto District News
2015   Head On Photography Festival is Proudly Inclusive, Photo District News
2015   Enter Black BoxPhoto District News
2015   A Love Song to Socotra Island, Yemen, Photo District News
2015   Zine Making for Love, Not Money, Photo District News
2015   Hey Sailor! New In Town?, Photo District News
2015   PRISMA: Celebrating Photography on Human Rights, Photo District News
2015   INSIDERS/OUTSIDERS Presented by NarrativelyPhoto District News
2015   Tsepo Gumbi: Take a Seat and Listen, Photo District News
2015   The Many Gifts of Instrument Maker Ed Stilley, Photo District News
2015   Constructed Identities: Presented by Crusade for Art, Photo District News
2015   Michael Lange: Forests Dark and DeepPhoto District News
2015   Finding a Voice on Instagram in the Wake of Nepal's Earthquake, Photo District News

2015   How Would the Media Portray You If..., Lewis Hine Fellowship Blog

2011   Arusha's MysteryNasher Museum

Photos Day or Night: The Archive of Hugh Mangum
2019   33 of the Best Photography Books We've Seen All YearBuzzFeed
2019   Smithsonian Magazine Instagram takeover
2019   A new book of photographs offers a penetrating look at the segregated South
             during Redemption and Jim Crow
Washington Post 
2018   Photos Day or Night: How One Photographer Documented the Segregated SouthNPR  
2019   This Week in Photography: The Archive of Hugh Mangum, aPhotoEditor
2019   Elizabeth Avedon Journal
2019   7 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World a Little DifferentlyBuzzFeed
2019   10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View of The WorldBuzzFeed
2019   Hugh Mangum: The rover who united America – in picturesThe Guardian
2019   Photographer's Innovative Pictures Capture Lesser-Seen Faces of Jim Crow South
             Smithsonian Magazine
2019   Photographer captured faces of the American South during Jim Crow, ABC News
2019   Snapshot: 'Photos Day or Night' by Hugh MangumThe Financial Times
2019   Photos Day or Night: An Unorthodox Story of the American SouthPhoto District News
2019   Smiles in black and white: An unusual photo record of the SouthMPR News
2019   New book of historic photographs seeks help identifying Radford and
             Christiansburg subjects
Radford News Journal
2019   Itinerant photographer's newly-published shots capture racial and economic divides
             in the South in the early 20th century
Daily Mail

Love From Manenberg
2018   Women Photograph Instagram takeover
2017   Two sisters pursue different lives in post-apartheid Manenberg, South Africa
              The Washington Post
2016   Smithsonian Magazine Instagram takeover
2016   Shooting (with love) in ManenbergCape Towner
2016   Capturing Manenberg: Love in a time of Violence
             Sunday Times
2016   Faith and Fortitude in a Marginalized South African Township
             Photographic Museum of Humanity
2016   Documentary vs. Photojournalism, Zeke Magazine Vol.2/No.1
2016   Love From ManenbergABC News
2016   Open Society Foundations Instagram takeover
2015   Love and Loyalty in a Land of GangsNarratively
2015   Love, Loss and Family in a Tough South Africa SuburbPhoto District News
2014   Sarah Stacke: Love From ManenbergJohn Edwin Mason

Keep All You Wish, Hugh Mangum exhibitions 
2015   Fans of photos have lots to see in AshevilleBlack Mountain News
2015   The Photography of Hugh Mangum: beyond black and white, Mountain XPress
2015   Asheville Art Museum exhibits photos by Hugh MangumAsheville Citizen-Times
2014   The mysterious images of Hugh MangumCBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
2014   A Portrait Photographer Defies Social NormsWUNC The State of Things
2014   Hugh Mangum Exhibit, UNC - TV
2014   Groundbreaking photographer's work is resurrected in new exhibit
             CBC Radio As it Happens
2014   The photographer who rejected racism in the American southBBC News Magazine
2014   Unusual early portraits of African-AmericansBBC World Service
2014   BBC Information and Archives
2014   Mangum's Photos Reveal Durhamites from 100 Years AgoDurham Herald Sun
2014   Hugh Mangum on Main StreetJohn Edwin Mason
2014   Revealing Portraits at the History HubDurham News and Observer

2020   Mother and Son Create Pandemic PortraitsBuzzFeed
2020   The Bookmark PortraitsWashington Post
2020   'Essential Images' of coronavirus pandemic, The Aspen Times
2019   Forced Geographies, Women's Photo Alliance Instagram takeover
2018   Review of The Beat Scene by Burt Glinn, Photo District News
2018   Red Lake Food Sovereignty, Open Society Foundations Instagram takeover
2017   Water Protectors in North Dakota, Open Society Foundations Instagram takeover
2016   Still Here: The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, The New Yorker
             Instagram takeover
2016   Photos: Vivid snapshots of everyday life in the war-torn Congo, Timeline
2015   Portraits of #exalt youth, Everyday Incarceration Instagram takeover
2014   Seeing Beauty Where Others Do Not (New York Times)
             TIME LightBox Photojournalism Links
2014   A Look Back at Burt Glinn (New York Times), TIME LightBox Photojournalism Links
2014   Sarah Stacke's D.R.C. Archive ProjectThe New Yorker

Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (winter)
Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (winter)
Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (fall)
2019   The Business of Photography, PH Centre, Cape Town
2019   Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (fall)
2019   Mobile Photography and Photo for Craft, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
2018   Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (fall)
2018   Photojournalism, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (taught with John Smock)
2018   Mobile Photography, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
2018   Long-Term Visual Storytelling, CDS Duke (fall)
2018   Long-Term Visual Storytelling, CDS Duke (spring)
2018   Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (winter)
2018   The Art of Documentary Filmmaking (taught w/Elizabeth Herman) 
              NuVu Studio, Cambridge, MA
2017   Old Media; New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (fall)
2017   Mobile Photography, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
2017   Learn to Document Your Culture, Museum of the Cherokee Indian
2017   Pitching Stories and Connecting with the Photography Field, CDS Duke
2017   Visual Storytelling on Instagram, CDS Duke
2017   DocU Arts Retreat, CDS Duke 
2017   Old Media, New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York (winter)
2016   Documenting the Personal, CDS Duke 
2016   Visual Storytelling on Instagram, CDS Duke
2016   Mobile Photography, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism 
2016   Old Media, New Media: Archives and the Documentarian, ICP New York
2016   Documenting the Personal, CDS Duke
2015   The Power of Archives: Using Archival Material in Doc Projects, CDS Duke (fall)
2015   The Power of Archives: Using Archival Material in Doc Projects, CDS Duke (spring)
2015   Photographs & Voices from Everyday Heroes in East New York, Young New Yorkers
2015   Power of Pictures, exalt youth
2014   Tools of Documentary, exalt youth
2014   The Power of Archives: Using Archival Material in Documentary Projects, CDS Duke
2014   Cameras Across Cultures, CDS Duke
2013   Cameras Across Cultures, CDS Duke
2010   Digital Photography, Belvoir Terrace Performing Arts Summer Camp
2009   Digital Photography, Belvoir Terrace Performing Arts Summer Camp

Guest Lectures, Panels & Reviews
2020   Storytelling for Change with Patagonia: 
             Developing long-term photographic relationships
2020   Virtual Art Walk with Claudine Sohrens, discussion of The Bookmark Portraits
2020   Reviewer at the WPOW Seminar and Portfolio Review, Washington D.C.
2019   CUNY Photojournalism Club, NY
2019   Photo Brigade panelist for Working on Long Term Projects, NY
2019   Reviewer at The New York Times Portfolio Review
2019   Malaprop's Bookstore, Asheville, NC
2019   Asheville Art Museum, NC
2019   University of Virginia, VA
2019   Appalachian State University, NC 
2019   Subtext Books, MN
2019   East Side Community High School, NY
2018   Moderator of Do No Harm: Documenting as an "Outsider" at PDN Photo PlusExpo, NY
2018   Magnum Foundation/Brown Institute for Media Innovation Counter Histories Lab, NY
2018   East Side Community High School, NY
2017   Old Dominion University, VA
2016   Aperture On Sight, NY
2016   East Side Community High School, NY
2015   University of Virginia, panelist for Photographing the Re-Imagined Self:
             Early Black Portraiture in
South Africa and the United States
2015   Asheville Art Museum, NC
2015   Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, NY
2015   Young New Yorkers, NY
2014   Museum of Durham History, NC
2014   Co-Moderator of In Conversations With Pictures & Archives, Click! Photo Festival, NC
2014   Duke University, NC
2014   Cape Town School of Photography, ZA
2013   University of Virginia
2013   C.W. Stanford Middle School, NC
2012   Duke University, NC
2011   Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, NC 
2009   The Arts Institutes International Minnesota, MN
2008   The Arts Institutes International Minnesota, MN
2007   Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN